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iPhone Unlock Status

This service checks for the Country of Origin, and the Network an iPhone is locked to. You’ll need this information to successfully unlock an iPhone.

If you’re also Planning on buying or selling an iPhone, you’ll want to check if its unlocked or locked before completing the transaction.

A locked iPhone means you can ONLY use it with the Network Carrier it has been locked to. An unlocked iPhone can be used with any Network Carrier Worldwide on the GSM Band.

Due to this, unlocked iPhone’s are more valuable and highly desired for both local and international users, because it allows you to use any GSM Network Carrier whether at home or abroad just by swapping out SIM cards.

How do you know if an iPhone is unlocked or not? You usually can’t tell just by looking at it, but our service can tell you if the device is locked or not, and the network its locked to.
If you plan on travelling abroad, you’ll want to check before you leave. Similarly, if you plan on buying or selling an iPhone, you’ll want to check if its unlocked or not before completing the transaction.

IMPORTANT! We will send you a report indicating the original network your iPhone is locked to and the country it came from. You need these two information to successfully unlock your iPhone.

The IMEI Number is a 15 to 17 digit number which is unique to your device.
Dial *#06# on your phone to obtain your IMEI Number.

Simply type the first 15 numbers into the form above ignoring any other character such as hyphens, letters, dashes etc.

If your IMEI is longer than 15 digits, just type the first 15 Numbers.

Make sure you enter the IMEI number as displayed on your device, and not on your device’s box or packaging.

You can Pay us through Mobile Money or Credit Card
We support all Mobile Money payments and the Major Credit Cards

Click the “Check iPhone Unlock Status” button above, go ahead and fill the forms. Make sure to type your IMEI Number correctly.
Proceed to checkout and choose your payment method. Make sure you have the required funds in your Money Wallet or Card. Go ahead and Pay.
You will receive an email from us when Your Payment is successful.
Sit back and relax, we will send you the report in your email.

For security purposes, we use third-party services to process our payments. Therefore your Money is secure!