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Blacklist Status

Find out if a phone has been blacklisted due to theft, loss or unpaid bills.
If you’re about to buy a pre-owned phone, or you’re not sure why you can’t make calls or connect to the Internet? Use this service to find out.

A blacklisted phone means that the device has been reported lost or stolen. The blacklist is a database of all the IMEI or ESN numbers that have been reported. If you have a device with a blacklisted number, your carrier may block services. In the worst-case scenario, the local authorities could seize your phone.

We’ll email you with a comprehensive report letting you know the blacklist status of your device.

The IMEI Number is a 15 to 17 digit number which is unique to your device.
Dial *#06# on your phone to obtain your IMEI Number.

Simply type the first 15 numbers into the form above ignoring any other character such as hyphens, letters, dashes etc.

If your IMEI is longer than 15 digits, just type the first 15 Numbers.

Make sure you enter the IMEI number as displayed on your device, and not on your device’s box or packaging.

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Click the “Check Blacklist Status Now” Now button above, go ahead and fill the forms. Make sure to type your IMEI Number correctly.
Proceed to checkout and choose your payment method. Make sure you have the required funds in your Money Wallet or Card. Go ahead and Pay.
You will receive an email from us when Your Payment is successful.
Sit back and relax, we will send you the report in your email.

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